Picking The Perfect Wedding Venue

Picking The Perfect Wedding Venue

  • Trevor Boyer

There are a lot of different aspects of your wedding to plan for, but few have as great an impact on bringing everything (and everyone!) together as your wedding venue. Here are a few of our tips to help you narrow down your options to that one, perfect place to celebrate your big day.

Use Pinterest to do your planning

Many of you may have already been doing this for years, so you’re already one step ahead. Our favorite life hack for wedding planning is to use your boards as a guide for your (vendors). Create a board with your favorite floral arrangements for your florist or cake ideas for your baker. You can then share that board with them to plan out the perfect options.

Keep your budget in mind

Remember that even though it’s probably the most expensive single item in your wedding, it’s not the only one. Once you’ve done the planning for most of the decor and (other items) you want to use, you’ll have a better idea of your venue budget. At this point, if you need to decide whether you really need all those balloons for your epic bridal entrance or you’d rather save a few bucks to put towards a more suitable location, you can make adjustments.

Think about your guests

It’s important to decide on how many guests you’ll be inviting before you really start considering where to have them. Most venues will have a minimum guest count and many also charge based on the number of guests (especially if you decide to go with one that offers more than just a facility).

Have a theme in mind

Your wedding theme can help you decide which wedding venue would be ideal to make your day much more than something you’ve been dreaming about. It’s not always easy to know what that theme might be, so we put together a few tips for picking the perfect wedding theme. Once you have ideas in mind for the decor, you’ll be able to walk through a venue with a better sense of how it will all come together just right.

Consider your wedding ceremony

Decide whether you’ll be having the ceremony at the same location as the reception. Not only is it easier on your guests to have everything in one place, but you can add a little extra charm to the event depending on their offerings. The Ole Oak Barn in Little Mountain, SC has a great covered deck as one of their options for your ceremony and guests can head inside their 3,200 sq. ft. monitor style barn venue for the reception.

Image courtesy of TheOleOakBarn.com

Determine what’s included

As you start searching around, you’ll find there are several inexpensive venues for weddings but another aspect you should factor in is what the venue includes for your big day.

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