Top 8 Beach Essentials For Some Fun In The Sun

Top 8 Beach Essentials For Some Fun In The Sun

  • Trevor Boyer

Summer’s still in full swing and there’s still plenty of time to take that getaway trip to the beach before school’s back in session. Apart from the sunblock (don’t forget your SPF!!), here’s our list of favorite fun essentials to bring to the beach.

1. Beach towels

Our number one essential to bring to the beach is a towel. Bring extra in case one gets too drenched or covered in sand. Lets face it: at some point you’ll get too hot and that water is just begging you to come cool off.

2. Drink cooler

If you’re planning on being at the beach for any amount of time, you’re going to want to bring something to drink. If you’re making it an all day even, some snacks and sandwiches would be a great idea, too. Nobody wants a warm drink or smashed chips, so be sure to bring a cooler along. Since your hands will likely be full of fun stuff to use while you’re there, we recommend one with a strap or a backpack-style cooler.

3. Water toys

What’s more fun than having some water toys to use while you’re relaxing in the ocean? Our personal favorites are inner tubes. You can catch some waves and ride them safely to shore or use them as a comfortable place to park yourself in the sand. You can even find some for your drinks that help keep them from getting spilled out all over the beach!

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4. Sun blankets

Sun blankets are perfect for keeping out of that gritty sand while you catch some rays. If you’re bringing your kids or going with a group of friends, these are the ideal way to stake out your place in the sand.

5. Hats

The suns rays at the beach can be blistering so keep your head and face out of harms way with a hat. There are plenty of styles out there, but our personal favorites are floppy hats because you get better protection and they just look adorable! Being able to have the brim monogrammed is an added bonus!

6. Totes / Bags / Backpacks

Nobody likes having to make multiple trips across the hot pavement in their bare feet (ouch!), so save yourself the agony and fit everything you can (including towels, sunglasses, phone, and car keys) in a bag or tote.

7. Something for pets

If you have a dog that you’re bringing with you to the beach, you’ll want to make sure they have water and a chew toy or something to help them pass the time. Their leash and something to clean up their mess is also a courteous idea!

8. Sunglasses

This is something I always seem to forget and immediately regret it! Even if it’s a little cloudy, that sun might come out in full strength at some point while you’re there and you’ll wish you could put a pair on. Better to have them and not need them…

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